Aberystwyth Robotics Club
Undergraduate Branch



The President shall be the main contact point for external communications with all external groups and individuals. This includes AberSU. They are further responsible for the smooth and effective running of the committee and the society/club, and shall be the final arbitrageur of disputes amongst the committee. They are responsible for creating the best environment for the committee and other members to operate in. They must ensure the general health and direction of the society/club is in accordance with the views of its members. They must carry out duties that are listed elsewhere in the constitution.


Responsible for keeping track of any money the society deals with, including union accounts (following all union rules), dealing with our sponsor(s) and collecting money for any tours and merchandise. Will need to pay attention to detail with all records.


The Secretary is responsible for organising meetings, events, and all aspects to do with the society/club. They are responsible for recording the minutes of all meetings, and are the main contact for receipt and outgoing administrative details of all events with regards to members and external organisations. This includes the AberSU. The secretary is bound to carry out all other duties stated elsewhere in the constitution.

Publicity Officer

This role is to publicise the society and society events. This using social media (eg facebook and twitter), taking photos at events, producing fliers/leaflets about the society (for freshers fairs etc). The general aim is to encourage people to join the society and society events.

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