Online Workshops


This page contains online workshops available to all students to try in your own time.

V1.0 (Release) | 22:18 - 21/04/2020

TinkerCAD Design

Worksheet 1 - Introduction to TinkerCAD 3D Modelling Software

Worksheet 2 - Making a Rocket in TinkerCAD

3D Shape Challenge

V1.0 (Release) | 22:18 - 21/04/2020

TinkerCAD Circuits

Worksheet 1 - TinkerCad Robot - Driving the Robot

Worksheet 2 - TinkerCAD Robot - Reacting to Obstacles

More workshops coming soon!

V1.0 (Release) | 15:21 - 22/07/2020


Blender is a free and open source 3D creation suite software. You can download the program from the Blender Website.
Andrew Forster, an Aberystwyth University MPhys graduate, has put together a video tutorial to help beginners get to grips with this complex software.

V1.0 (Release) | 22:18 - 21/04/2020

Robot Benchmark

Robot Benchmark allows you to program simulated robots online. It offers a series of robot programming challenges that address various topics across a wide range of difficulty levels.