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Robot Name Description Hardware Software Difficulty 1-5
Granny Gadget All hardware is done, advanced knowledge of coding is needed for GPS control of robot. 4
Pioneer All hardware is done, only programming is needed to allow the robot to solve mazes and act intelligently. 4
Sensor Board All hardware has been done, only programming is needed to join all the sensors. 3
Humanoid The humanoid is a small commercial bipedal robot, software needs to be created to make it move and dance etc. 3
Driverless Cars Hardware needs updating and software needs to be created. 4
Boat Hardware and software needs creating 5
Automated Window Monitoring System Hardware and software needs to be created to automate the opening and closing of a window. 3
Sherbert Lemon Omni Wheel chassis from 4
Sumo bots Small robots for fighting other robots 3
TurtleBot 3 Burger Small chassis which is operated by a Raspberry Pi running Robotic Operating System (ROS) 5
Custom Robot Build Creating a custom robot build from scratch. This includes hardware and software 3

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