Aberystwyth Robo Sumo Event 2017

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This repository contains the rules, guidelines and documents for the Robo Sumo competition

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Robo Sumo Competition Application

Competition - 6th December 2017

Getting Started

You will compete with a robot which has maximum dimensions of 150x150x150mm. You can either create your robot or it can be a commercial chassis (bought off the shelf).

Rules Overview

  1. Max dimensions 150x150x150mm
  2. Max weight 2kg
  3. Ring diameter 900mm - black with 19mm white band around the circumference
  4. 6th December 2017
  5. Autonomous or Rc controlled classes
  6. Push out or render your opponent immobile (judges decision)
  7. Anything goes weapon wise but will be scrutinised and disqualifed if overly dangerous!!
  8. As soon as you are ready and want to fight….let it be known! :)
  9. Lithium battery powered robots should be fused
  10. Robots have to have a button accessable to the referee to start the fight. On depression of said button the robot will pause 5 seconds then start to do battle
  11. Heats will last 3 minutes long.
  12. Judges decision is final (see points system)



The first Robo Sumo Competition will be on the 6th of December 2017, starting at 3:30PM.


Physics Main (MP 0.15), Physical Sciences Building.

The Robot Arena

The arena consists of a ring which is 900mm in diameter with a 19mm white band around the circumference.



The maximum dimensions for the robot are 150x150x150mm, this includes the weapon as part of the robot.


The maximum weight limit is 2kg. All robots overweight can not compete against other competitors. The classes will contain the heavyweights above and equal to 1.4kg and the featherweights below 1.4.


You are allowed any weapon of your choice. However, you will be scrutinised and disqualified if overly dangerous! i.e. no EMP devices, ballistics, or any heat generated which could be a potential fire hazard.


All batteries must be fused, especially if the robot is using Lithium Polymers (LiPo) or Nickel Metal Hydrides (NiMh).

Robot Guidelines

Control Systems?

It is up to you to decide whether you would like the robot to be autonomous or radio controlled.

3, 2, 1, Activate!

Robots have to have a button accessible to the referee to start the fight. On depression of said button the robot will pause 5 seconds then start battling.

Goals and Points System

What is the Goal?

The goal is to push out or render your opponent immobile.

Points System

Where necessary the robots will be assessed on:

Marks will be out of 30 - 5 for each category.



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